Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grain-Free for 30 Days

Wow, it's been awhile!  My brain took a much needed break from blogging for a few weeks.  However, I've still been training hard and keeping my nose in nutrition and fitness reading.  While fortunate enough to be on vacation in beautiful Cancun, Mexico last week, I was able to catch up on some things I had loaded in my Kindle.

By my fourth day of lounging by the pool I finished two books I've heard a lot of buzz about


I won't recap either book as there are plenty of summaries and reviews available on the web.  Just give it a google.

Both titles intrigued me for various reasons.  The phrase "I eat paleo" invokes an image of a cult-like following to me.  Are they truly on to something or are they chugging the Kool-Aid, assuming Kool-Aid is free of processed sugars/grains/dairy/legumes?  In regards to Wheat Belly, I was interested in a cardiologist's perspective of what is causing Americans to die of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. at an alarming rate.

Both inspired me to interpret the material into my own little experiment.  What would happen if I went grain-free for 30 days?  No breads, rice, pasta, flour, oats, etc?  What would it do to my body composition?  How will this affect my lifting?  Would my sleep really improve?  Am I addicted to wheat and don't know it?  Will I drive my husband insane enough for him to pin me down and force feed me bread?  Can I even stick it out for 30 days?

Typically I only have grains for breakfast and/or post-workout with a protein shake (when I'm not in Mexico stuffing my face with nachos grande) so hopefully this challenge won't prove to be too daunting.  My main goal is to uncover whether or not I truly feel as great as I think I do.  Many testimonials mention how they had no major health issues but were amazed at how much better they felt when eliminating wheat.  In other words, they didn't truly know what it meant to feel good. 

So off I go on my grain-free journey from April 1-30 to discover if the grass really is greener on the other side.  I took complete starting measurements (weight, girth, body fat percentage, and before pictures that I may or may not end up sharing) to see if this little experiment is doing anything.  I'll keep track of how I feel, how my training is going, and what in the heck I'm actually eating in various posts.  Only time will tell if the concepts in the aforementioned books are on to something, or if I can buy my beloved Kashi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal cookies come May.

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Valery said...

oohh. I'm intrigued. Looking forward to the updates.