Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grain-Free Day 10: Easter Edition

Today is Day 10 of my self-issued grain-free challenge and things are becoming a piece of (flourless) cake!  I'm down four pounds, however I'm pretty sure that was post-vacation fluff from excessive nachos and margaritas while in Cancun.  Weight loss isn't a goal of mine, rather I like to focus on maintaining a healthy body fat percentage and actually gaining a few pounds of muscle.  Scale weight is just the easiest thing to check when I don't feel like having a head-to-toe encounter with the tape measure and calipers.  I'll do a full check on measurements on Day 15 to see if anything's changed by the halfway point.

Last week I mentioned I was enduring dull headaches, some hunger pains, and sugar cravings.  Thank goodness that is over!  Rather than hazelnut creamer with a splash of coffee first thing in the morning, I've been having green tea which has about 10 mg of caffeine compared to the 100-200 mg in coffee.  Apparently it's enough to trick my brain out of caffeine withdraw so I'll take it.

To curb the hunger pains, I made a point to consume larger portions of protein.  I eat ample amounts of vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats so I focused my efforts on protein since it's very satiating.  All my food during the week is pre-portioned because I pack my meals for work.  It's eating everything I pack that's the problem.  Sometimes I eat so much freaking chicken I think I may start growing feathers.  It gets a little mundane no matter how often you mix up the seasoning combination so often times I find myself not eating the entire portion.  Not last week though.  I made it a point to put away every single bite.  See ya later hunger pains.

Another saving grace to battle my sugar cravings was this recipe for Flourless Peanut Butter Chip Cookies.  Life-changing?  Yeah, that's a good word to describe them.  It's a miracle I didn't sit there and eat the entire batch at once.  Or that the batter even made it into the oven because that was delicious too.  Don't judge me, I haven't had flour in a week!

Kicking off this second week was Easter, another potential challenge to navigate.  I always thought bunnies liked vegetables so I'm a bit perplexed why they feel the need to leave sugary marshmellow chicks and decadent peanut butter-filled chocolate eggs all over the place.  I munched on some cheese cubes and veggies prior to having heaping helpings of ham, green beans, and carrots for dinner (take some notes, Easter Bunny).  In order to take a proactive approach to my sweet tooth and resist the dessert table, I made a second batch of my cookies.  Those and some fresh fruit made for a great dessert.  I can't say I didn't notice that I had to resist red velvet cupcakes and all the other not-my-flourless-cookies scattered about the tiered serving display.  It sucked, to be honest.  However, it was a nice change of pace NOT to go into a food coma immediately following dinner or wondering why it can't be socially acceptable to wear sweatpants to a holiday gathering.

Ten days in and I'm still going strong.  No craving has been too overpowering and no situation has been challenging enough to test my compliance.  I wish I could say my skin is radiant like a baby's, my energy levels are surging higher than ever, and I'm sound asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Nothing dramatic like that yet.  I do feel less bloated and puffy which is awesome so hopefully the rest of the short-term benefits aren't far behind.  Twenty more days to go!

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