Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Macgyver-Style Density Training

I realized this month I will be traveling to three different states all within a two week period.  Talk about a training challenge.  Plates and barbells don't pack easily but I'm still determined to do something even if it's not the same intensity as my regular routine.  Progression under these circumstances is a challenge.  Accepting a level of maintenance is more realistic.

The first of my travels brought me to sunny Florida to celebrate Christmas a week early with my parents.  With hardly any equipment available I had to get Macgyver-esque and use whatever was available to me.  While I'm sure he would've fashioned my parents' golf cart into a squat rack complete with a cable lat pull down, I settled for using two chairs and a beach towel.

Macgyver Image

This session involves density training which is when you try and complete as many sets of an exercise at a fixed amount of reps for a given period of time.  It is great for burning fat and building muscle.  Here, I paired exercises together, used 8 repetitions, and went to work for 10 minutes per pair.  For the first pair, I completed 8 inverse rows followed by 8 rear foot elevated split squats on my right leg and another 8 on my left leg.  I repeated that sequence as much as I could for a full 10 minutes (I was able to do 6 sets of each).  Then I did another 10 minutes with the second pair (I did 7 sets of each).

Alternate the following two exercises and complete as many sets as possible in 10 minutes.
Rest for 2 - 3 minutes, then follow the same format for the next two exercises.
** Access to a bar or TRX would be ideal for this.  If you use chairs, make sure they're sturdy and won't tip over from your body weight. 

Don't forget to warm up properly and pace yourself according to your fitness level.  Remember, the hardest part of any workout is deciding to start.  You never regret exercising after you've already done it. 


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