Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recommended Reads - Nov 18

I don't need to tell you there is a ton of health and fitness information available at the mere click of a mouse.  Some of it is solid and a lot of it is bogus.  I'm going to help you weed through the mess in a new weekly series.  Here are some great resources to check out:

Girls Gone Strong
"Girls Gone Strong" is an awesome movement of some standout women in the fitness industry trying to change the face of female training.  One-arm push ups, 300+ lb deadlifts, weighted pull ups - they can do it all.  Lately, I've found myself thinking of them when I struggle through my last reps.  Their group is still in the initial stages of development, but I have no doubt they will do great things.  And hopefully contribute to "cardio bunnies" being added to the endangered species list.

A Guide to Pull Ups
One of the GGS masterminds, Marianne Kane, has a great post on how to conquer the pull up.  I always seem to get stuck at 5 consecutive pull ups.  Recently, I've decided to make a concerted effort to improving this.  Goals are supposed to be specific and have an end date so what better present to myself than to do 10 consecutive pull ups for my birthday on February 1st?

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta
For those of you who want to gag at the mere thought of brussels sprouts, I encourage you to try this recipe.  They go down so much easier when chopped fine and the little bit on pancetta adds great flavor.  In my latest batch, I even chopped up some leftover asparagus that I wasn't sure what to do with and it was equally as delicious.

Proud PSU for RAINN
While this is a little off topic, it is something that has been weighing heavy on my heart lately.  As a proud Penn State alum who bleeds blue and white, I've been changed by the past few weeks.  It would be a great disservice to the victims if the Penn State family didn't take away some valuable lessons from this situation, the best one described by alum LaVar Arrington as "a call to duty". 

Proud to Be a Penn Stater has answered that call.  It is a grassroots network of alumni, students, parents, and fans.  Their goal is to raise $500,000, approximately $1 for every living PSU alum, for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.  Since their website went live just over a week ago, over 10,000 supporters have raised over $400,000!  In addition, RAINN has reported their national hotline usage has increased by 54% and they have acquired over 400 new volunteers at local chapters.

Please help answer the challenge and make even the smallest of donations.  Let's hit $500,000 this weekend and change some lives.  Sexual violence reaches far beyond Penn State.  It's time to channel all the heartbreak, disgust, anger, and judgement into something positive. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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