Friday, October 14, 2011

"5 in 5" Week 4: Do Two Metabolic Sessions a Week

In Week 3 you built the habit of refueling with a balance of carbohydrates and protein after each strength training session.  This week, you'll add a different type of training to your routine which also requires a post-training snack.

Your goal for Week 4 is to do two metabolic sessions each week.  There is more detailed information, including sample workouts, on my Training Page.  Alternating sets of strength exercises, Tabatas, short or negative rest periods, circuits, etc. are all characteristic of metabolic acceleration training.  

Sessions are typically quick - from as little as ten minutes to upwards of 40 minutes.  Don't mistake quick for easy, though.  You should be working at a vigorous intensity level.  Vigorous means there's quite a noticable increase in your breathing and heart rate.  If someone stopped by to chat in the middle of your session, you'd barely be able to get a word or two out for a response.  And if you do, it may not even sound like english...that's how hard you should be pushing yourself.   

Now that we have a mix of strength and metabolic training in our weekly routine, here's a couple ideas of what a week might look like:

  • Sun - rest
  • Mon - strength
  • Tues - metabolic
  • Wed - rest
  • Thurs - strength
  • Fri - metabolic
  • Sat - rest

  • Sun - rest
  • Mon - strength
  • Tues - metabolic
  • Wed - strength
  • Thurs - rest
  • Fri - strength
  • Sat - metabolic
Remember to avoid strength training the same muscle groups on consecutive days.  I recommend taking a rest day after two or three consective days of vigorous training.  But, don't take"rest" so literally.  You can go for a hike, play a round of golf, stretch out in a yoga class, or whatever else you enjoy.  Our bodies are built to move, so let them!

We're almost there!  Your weekly routine should now include eating a healthy breakfast daily, strength training at least twice a week, metabolic training two times a week, and refueling after each training session. 

For our final week, we'll discuss incorporating more protein into our diets to further support our efforts.

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Have a great week!

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