Friday, October 28, 2011

5 in 5 Fall Challenge - Conclusion

Congratulations!  You're completing your final week in the "5 in 5" Metabolic Challenge.  You've established some new healthy habits or reinforced ones that have been slacking lately.

It's always good to track some sort of metrics but, truth be told, dramatic results in five weeks is unlikely.  Focus on the subjective factors, like how you stand a little taller, have a surplus of energy, and feel more confidant.  Consider these measurements one of many check points on the journey toward your goals. Take a set of post-measurements similar to the start of the program.  Record your results on the "5 in 5" log and compare.

Here are your post-measurements:

  1. Weigh yourself.  Try to do this at the same time of day as you did with pre-measurements.
  2. Measure your waist.  Line a tape measure up with your navel and measure the circumference.  Do this in front of a mirror to make sure the tape is even.  Pull it snug but not so tight that it indents your skin.
  3. Measure your hips.  Wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your lower body as you stand with feet hip-width apart.
  4. Write the progress you've made toward your goal.  Refer back to what you wrote originally.  How much closer have you become?  What specific actions or habits were the most beneficial?
  5. What are your next steps?  Now what?  We'll never reach an end point when it comes to our health, so think about what you plan to do next.

While we're on the subject, why not start this challenge over again?  No one went through it perfectly, myself included.   There's always room to improve.  Increase the weight in your strength training sessions.  Be more consistent with your protein intake.  Refuel after training with something more substantial.  Keep another log and compare it to your last effort.

Restarting it comes at a perfect time because, like it or not, the holidays are right around the corner.  This is the time when people fall off the wagon or give themselves a free pass that ends up lasting two months.  Why not set realistic goals and do something you're familiar with?  Work on perfecting the five habits then kick it into high gear with something new once the craziness is over. 

Here's a reminder of the 5 weeks:

Week 1: Eat Breakfast Daily
Week 2: Strength Train at Least Twice a Week
Week 3: Refuel After Training
Week 4: Do Two Metabolic Sessions
Week 5: Eat Protein at Every Meal

I hope you enjoyed this motivational program!  I'd love to hear any experiences, feedback, or questions you have about it.  Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter!

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