Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sneak Peak: "5 in 5" Fall Challenge

The end of summer always feels like the party is over and it's time to get back to business.  To help you get there, in terms of fitness, I'm launching my blog's first ever motivational challenge.

The "5 in 5" Fall Challenge starts September 26th and ends October 30th.  Each week we tackle a different habit geared toward getting you on track to a better body.  Five weeks means there are five different habits we'll work on incorporating into our lifestyles.

Next week, I'll give you some instructions on how to take pre-measurements before you begin.  Then, we'll start the challenge.  Here's a sneak peak at what to expect:
  • Week 1:   Eat a healthy breakfast every day
  • Week 2:   Strength train at least twice a week 
  • Week 3:   Refuel after every training       
  • Week 4:   Do two metabolic sessions twice a week
  • Week 5:   Eat protein at every meal
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Photo: mcdlttx

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