Friday, September 30, 2011

"5 in 5" Week 2: Strength Train at Least Twice a Week

You've got a good rhythm going with eating a healthy breakfast each morning for Week 1.  Your goal for Week 2 is to continue to those daily breakfasts and incorporate at least two days of strength training into your routine.  If you're a beginner, twice a week may be plenty.  Some of the all-stars may be doing a more advanced program with several days per week so there's some extra space on the "5 in 5" log if needed.

When you want to transform your body strength training should be your top priority (only to be bested by proper nutrition).  Yet somehow the average Joe's and Jane's are still brainwashed into doing countless hours of "aerobics" even though it doesn't yield them the results they want.  And even though any respectable fitness professional would recommend other methods.

For some sample strength training routines and an explanation as to why all the cool kids are doing it, check out my "Training" page on the blog.  I would also recommend the following books for a good place to start:


You should always consult your physician before starting any exercise program or increasing your current activity level. Additionally, contact a fitness professional to ensure proper form for safety and effectiveness.  No sense doing it if you're not doing it right.  Right?  Everyone has a different fitness level so it is important to participate in a program that’s appropriate for you. You should not train the same muscles on consecutive days so be sure to give yourself at least one rest day in between training sessions.
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We'll talk about what to eat post-training session for Week 3.  Until then, focus on eating breakfast and working at least two strength training sessions into your schedule.  Have a great week!


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