Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Makes My Brain Turn to Mush

The sunshine severely affects my ability to put together any sort of intelligible thought, hence why I'm slacking on blog posts as of late.  I do have several ideas swirling around in my head just full of fitness goodness that I want to share so here's some updates of what's in store:

  • There are now separate pages to help you find sample workouts and recipes more easily.  I'll be updating them with appropriate posts regularly and provide some more insight into my fitness and nutrition philosophies.

  • Speaking of recipes, expect more of them come September.  Anyone who knows me, knows NOT to bother me on Saturdays in the fall because I am 100% engrossed in college football.  Penn State being my heart and soul, of course.  I usually make a spread of health-ified tailgate food on game day, even though it's usually for just my husband and I to deter us from screaming like maniacs so the neighbors don't think we're crazy.  I'll be sure to share that.  The recipes, that is.

  • Also in the fall, I will be starting the blog's first ever challenge.  It will be a motivational program geared towards jump starting your metabolism.  Each week we'll have a new task to complete, which will be featured in a weekly post.  If you need some structure or just a kick in the pants to take action, this may be your ticket.

  • When we first moved into our house, my husband was hell-bent on refinishing the basement into the most glorious "man room" in the history of all man rooms.  Four and a half years later, it is still a big empty space covered in an inch thick layer of dry wall dust.  Last week, he finally conceded that maybe it would be more practical to make it a home gym instead of basically another living room since we already have one of those upstairs. The plan is to stop wasting money on our gym memberships when they run out next spring and purchase a power rack and a few smaller, assorted pieces.  Expect a lengthy Christmas list this year, Santa.  What that means for you is more crazy workout videos since I will have a space of my own to use!  Though this won't be until 2012, me blogging about it now is my way of holding my husband accountable.  Yes, you did say this, honey!

That about wraps it up for me.  Hope you're all enjoying your summer as much as I am.  If there's anything you'd like to see that I didn't cover, please leave it in the comments section below!


Adrian L. said...

Great blog!

Amanda Kopeski, MPH said...

Thanks Adrian! Glad you stopped by.