Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killer Cardio Strength in 30 Minutes or Less

Here's another metabolic session just waiting to torch fat and improve overall conditioning.  All you need is a timer and a pair of dumbbells.

It is a series of six exercises to be performed in a 45:15 work to rest ratio.  The goal is to do as many repetitions in good form as possible in 45 seconds.  Then rest for 15 seconds and move on to the next exercise.

1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift*

2. "T" Push-up

3. Split Jump

4. Bent Row

5. Elbow-to-Straight Arm Plank

Start in a plank position (above).  Push yourself up to a straight arm plank position (below).  Lower back down to the elbows and repeat.  Alternate arms and keep the core tight.

6. Woodchop*

For beginners...
Complete one round of all six exercises.  You may want to cut your work to rest ratio to 30:30 instead of 45:15.  Rest for two minutes and repeat for a total of two rounds. 
Total time = 14 min (Round 1 + 2 min rest + Round 2)

Middle of the road...
Try and do three rounds at a 45:15 second work to rest ratio while taking an additional two minutes of rest between each round.
Total time = 22 min (Round 1 + 2 min rest + Round 2 + 2 min rest + Round 3)

For the all-stars...
Do two rounds back-to-back at 45:15 without stopping.  Then rest for two minutes and repeat two more rounds back-to-back.
Total time = 26 min (Round 1 + Round 2 + 2 min rest + Round 3 + Round 4)

* These are single-sided exercises.  In the beginner and all-star version you will do odd numbered rounds on your non-dominant side (usually the left if you are right-handed) and the even numbered rounds on your dominant side.  For the middle of the road program, follow the above for the first two rounds.  One the third round, switch sides once you hit the halfway point in your working interval.


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