Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outdoor Track Sprints

Memorial Day finally brought some welcomed warm weather to New England.  Finally!  Unfortunately it also meant limited holiday hours at my local gym.  That posed a problem for my husband who likes to work out before work Monday mornings.  No, he did not have off for Memorial Day.  I did have a vacation day, yet graciously offered to get up at the 6am hour with him for an alternative.  We headed to the local high school's outdoor track to do some sprints - something I've been mixing in my own training on the rare days it wasn't raining this spring.

The track is about a ten minute walk from our house, which served as a decent warm-up.  Once we got there we did some stretching and mobility exercises to loosen up.  Then we jogged one lap before the fun began.

The workout consisted of six 100 meter sprints.  For each one, we ran like our lives depended on it for the entire distance.  The time it took to walk back and maybe an additional minute at the starting line was our recovery.  We did a total of six sprints and then walked back home.  Done and done.

A couple of quick notes:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout especially when outdoors.  Even though it was early in the morning and not yet sweltering, it was important for us to stay hydrated.
  • Though I picked the workout, my husband SMOKED me on every single sprint.  No joke.  I found I ran faster than when doing a similar workout solo.  Just another plus to training partners.  They motivate you to push beyond your limits.....and sometimes take a bite of humble pie.
  • Be sure to stretch, foam roll, etc. afterwards.  Running is tough on the body so I make sure to do plenty of the aforementioned or a quick yoga DVD as a peace offering to my joints.
  • The vagueness of the description is due to neither of us bringing a time-telling device.  I couldn't tell you exactly how long our rest periods were or how long it took us to sprint 100m.  We're pretty sure we were about 2-3 seconds off the world record time though. ;-)
  • Six, quick sprints don't seem like much on paper.  Don't forget you are working at your maximal effort for each one.  You should be pretty spent at the end, or at least notice a decrease in speed if you tried to do many more.  On the ten minute walk back to the house, my husband and I barely uttered a word to each other.  That's just a testament to how hard we worked.

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