Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Minute Killer Cardio

Alwyn Cosgrove included the following metabolic workout in The New Rules of Lifting for Abs book, which I previously raved about

It's perfect when in a time crunch or if you want to add the (no calorie) icing on top of an already awesome sweat session.  Last week I threw it in before I taught a low-impact group exercise class.

At the start of a minute, complete anywhere from six to ten burpees.  The goal is to complete as many as you can within about 20-25 seconds.  Rest for the remainder of the minute (about 35-40 seconds).  Repeat ten times for a total of ten minutes.  Mine looked something like this:

0:00 - 0:25:  8 burpees

0:25 - 1:00:  rest, feeling confident this will be a good workout

1:00 - 1:25:  8 burpees

1:25-2:00:  rest, starting to breathe a little heavier

2:00 - 2:25:  8 burpees

2:25 - 3:00: rest, yep, heart rate's definitely up now

3:00 - 3:25:  8 burpees

3:25 - 4:00:  rest, how many do I have left??

and so forth...

Beginners should start somewhere around four to six minutes, adding one at a time as their fitness improves.  More advanced exercisers can add on a minute each week.  Have fun!

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