Sunday, April 3, 2011

Consider yourself average?

I do, for the most part.  I’m a newlywed, living in my first home, and working about 40 hours per week in a respectable field.   That's on par for people my age and I am perfectly content with it.  Sure, it would be great to win the Mega Millions, retire by 30, build my beach-front mansion on some Caribbean island to be determined, and do whatever I want whenever I want. 
But until then, I’m ok with being average.
 However, there's one thing I won't settle for average on and that's my health.  The average American is zapped of energy, slacking on regular exercise, and relying on less than stellar food choices.  Sixty-three percent of the U.S. population is considered either overweight or obese!  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Thanks, but no thanks.  I'll pass on being average.
 That's where the inspiration for this blog came from.  When looking at a population for a particular variable, the normal distribution tends to follow a "bell curve".  Most of the population will fall within the bulk of the curve, the red and the green areas below.  A very small percentage will fall above or below it, in the blue areas.  (FINALLY I put my college-level statistic classes to use!)   

If the variable we're talking about for this bell curve is the health status of Americans, overweight and plagued by chronic diseases, who the heck wants to be red or green???  Not me.  The blue area on the left would be those with extremely serious conditions.  The blue area all the way to the right are people who have immune systems of steel, endurance for days, and are strong enough to lift multiple times their own body weight.
Being that small percentage of the population is possible and that is what I hope to inspire with this blog.  It takes conscious planning, strong commitment, and belief in yourself when you feel sucked back to the red and green areas.  Step up and get in the blue area on the right.
The area ahead of the curve - well ahead of the curve.

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